2002 Accreditation Self-study

I am very pleased to make the report of IUPUI´s accreditation review team available on the Web within the IUPUI institutional portfolio. In selecting our team members, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (NCA), drew from the ranks of colleagues at colleges and universities from across the North Central region and the entire country. We at IUPUI are grateful to our colleagues on the team and at NCA for developing and carrying out such a valuable review process.

The report you are about to read follows a standard format devised by NCA that includes two main sections: an Assurance Section, which addresses IUPUI´s fulfillment of five Criteria for Accreditation; and an Advancement Section, which responds to questions asked of the team in the campus´s two special emphasis self-studies and also provides additional advice and suggestions for the campus. Like most such reports, this one refrains from effusive praise, but I could not be more pleased with the conclusions reached by the review team members. They found that IUPUI met all of the Criteria for Accreditation and recommended that the campus be fully accredited for the next ten years. It is highly unusual for an accreditation team report to include no directives, sanctions, or recommended follow-up visits.

In fact, the report strongly supports the many efforts and initiatives in which the campus has been engaged, especially in the areas of teaching and learning and civic engagement. I am grateful to everyone in the IUPUI community who contributed to the work that resulted in such a positive accreditation review. I wish especially to thank the many faculty and staff members who contributed to IUPUI´s ground-breaking Web-based self-study. And I wish to pay special tribute to Jerry Bepko, who led IUPUI as Chancellor during the ten years since our last accreditation review in 1992.

The next steps in the process are review and approval of the report by a Readers´ Panel, also made up of colleagues from the North Central region, and then final action by the Higher Learning Commission. In connection with these last steps, please note that the Stipulations on Affiliation Status at the very end of the report are not yet in final form. We anticipate that some of these stipulations will be adjusted at the April 2003 meeting of the Commission and will post the final version of these to this Web site as soon as we are notified of them.


William Plater
Interim Chancellor

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Accreditation Self-Study

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